Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Karl, Sean and Senator Amy Klobuchar

"Friends come and go, but enemies accumulate." — Karl Schilling, humanitarian, photographer and friend extraordinaire

SUNDAY EVENING, May 7, was the first test of Polk County Democrats' new leadership, and wowza, what a spectacular showing. Sean Bagniewski, the recently-elected chair of PCD, and his events team had a mere five weeks to put together a dinner featuring United States Senator, Amy Klobuchar. The Minnesota Senator had a window in her schedule that Sean didn't want to miss, so he and his skilled organizers got busy and pulled it off with aplomb. More than 300 area Democrats attended.

Amy is a Senatorial rock star. In 2016 she ranked first out of all 100 Senators for the most bills enacted into law in the 114th Congress.

I was also delighted to be present to see Karl Schilling receive the Polk County Democrats Volunteer of the Year Award. He so deserves it. In addition to leading the South Side Area Democrats, he's President of the Iowa Organization for Victim Assistance, works with area veterans who need help and lobbies on behalf of union workers. All that plus he and his staunchly supportive wife, Peg, take remarkable bird photographs. (The photos below of Senator Klobuchar are ones Karl took that night.) 

Another little aside about Karl: he's an inveterate storyteller with a trove of pithy, original quotes. The one at the top just happens to be one of my favorites for its brevity and truth.

Senator Amy Klobuchar

The estimable and honorable former
Congressman Neal Smith with Senator Klobuchar

Sean Bagniewski presenting Karl with the
PCD Volunteer of the Year  Award

Karl making his acceptance speech

Peg, Karl and me

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