Thursday, January 19, 2017

The majority of Americans actually knew better

“We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.” — Benjamin Franklin

ON THE EVE of tomorrow, the blackest of black Fridays, this godawful day that I hoped would never come, guess what has happened to he-who-shall-not-be named? His approval ratings have tanked. 

In fact, they've hit an historic low for any incoming president for at least the last 40 years. By contrast, Barack Obama took the oath of office in 2009 with an 84% approval rating. 

Guess what's been rising in popularity while HWSNBN sinks? Obamacare.

Below are excerpts from four publications (in order) Time, Politico, NBC News and Time.


Donald Trump’s Approval Ratings Have Hit a Historic Low Before He Takes Office
The least popular incoming president in at least four decades

By Madeline Farber  
January 17, 2017     

Donald Trump doesn’t take office as President of the United States until Friday, but his approval ratings have already hit a historic low for incoming American presidents, according to new polls.

Trump’s current approval rating is 40%, the lowest of any recent incoming president, and about 44 points below that of President Obama, according to a CNN/ORC survey. 

And a Washington Post/ABC poll mirrors CNN’s findings: Trump will take office as the least popular incoming president in at least four decades, according to the survey.

Meanwhile, Trump’s approval ratings for how he has handled the transition are 20 points below those of the three Presidents that came before him: Obama took the oath in 2009 with an 84% approval rating, Bill Clinton with 67% in 1992, and 61% approved of George W. Bush’s transition shortly before he took office January 2001, according to CNN.

While Trump’s low approval ratings are due to a variety of factors, his controversial response to Russia’s reported interference in the 2016 election has had a notable impact, according to the Post/ABC poll, with many Americans believing Trump has been “too friendly” to Russia.


Polls show Trump with historically low approval ratings
Majorities of Americans view Trump unfavorably — and also disapprove of the way in which Trump has built his incoming administration 

By Steven Shepard
January 17, 2017

The new surveys from CNN/ORC, ABC News/Washington Post and Monmouth University, all released Tuesday morning, are also a major break from recent presidential transitions. Past presidents-elect have been catapulted to the White House by a surge of popular opinion —even those elected under contentious and controversial circumstances.

But any post-victory bounce for Trump has been fleeting. In both the CNN/ORC and ABC News/Washington Post polls, majorities of Americans view Trump unfavorably — and also disapprove of the way in which Trump has built his incoming administration.

The CNN/ORC poll shows 53 percent of Americans view Trump unfavorably, while only 44 percent have a favorable opinion of the incoming president. In the ABC News/Washington Post poll, Trump’s favorable rating is just 40 percent, with 54 percent having an unfavorable opinion.

That, according to The Washington Post, makes Trump the least-popular incoming president of the past 40 years — by a large margin. Eight years ago, ABC News/Washington Post polling showed Barack Obama with a 79 percent favorable rating. Even George W. Bush — who lost the popular vote and was designated the next president only after a protracted recount in Florida — had a 62 percent favorable rating on the eve of his inauguration. Bush’s 36 percent unfavorable rating was the lowest of the modern era, until Trump’s 54 percent score in the new poll.

The Monmouth poll also shows Trump's favorable rating underwater: 34 percent favorable, versus 46 percent unfavorable. (Monmouth offered respondents a "no opinion" option, leading to lower percentages for both favorable and unfavorable than other pollsters.)

Americans also have negative perceptions of the Trump transition. Both surveys show only 4 in 10 Americans approve of the way Trump is handling the transition. In the CNN/ORC poll, 52 percent disapprove of Trump’s transition, and 54 percent disapprove of Trump’s handling of the transition in the ABC News/Washington Post poll.

NBC News:

Trump Enters Office With Historically Low Approval Rating 

By Mark Murray
January 17, 2017

Donald Trump starts his presidency Friday with the lowest-ever ratings for an incoming president, according to results from a brand-new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.

A majority of Americans — 52 percent — say they disapprove of the way President-elect Trump has handled his transition and preparations for the presidency, versus just 44 percent who approve, which is down six points from only a month ago.

To put Trump's numbers into perspective, Barack Obama's approval rating was 71 percent before he took the oath of office in January 2009, and Bill Clinton's was 77 percent in December 1992.

(The NBC/WSJ poll didn't measure George W. Bush during his transition; his first job-approval rating, in March 2001, was 57 percent.)


Obamacare Is More Popular Than Ever, Poll Finds
A new CNN/ORC poll found more people favored than opposed the health care law

By Julia Zorthian
January 19, 2017  

More Americans hold positive views about Obamacare than hold negative views for the first time since the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act passed in 2010, according to a new poll from CNN/ORC.

The results found that 49% of people polled favored the law—slightly more than the 47% who opposed it. The responses show people may not have known what they got until it was (almost) gone, because every previous poll has seen more people oppose the law, CNN reports. It was the first time in at least 18 polls since March 2010 that people favored the healthcare law, according to CNN.

Obamacare’s newfound popularity is coupled with how 82% of respondents believe it is at least somewhat likely that President-elect Donald Trump’s administration will repeal and replace the healthcare law, the poll found. 

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  1. Because FINALLY some of the news outlets are calling him out on his lies and errors. Because FINALLY they are reporting the truth instead of joyfully, gleefully, singing his praises. From Fox to MSNBC it's been ALL TRUMP, ALL THE TIME and so he was elected. With help, tis true, from outside influences but also from inside. Because every single station on radio and TV fed him to us for two years. Many of us were not convinced, in fact 3 million less were convinced than not, but it didn't work. He has been elected and tomorrow will take an oath on a bible he may later claim to have written. And people will be surprised. :(