Friday, November 25, 2016

I'm thankful for . . .

“Those who have prospered and profited from life's lottery have a moral obligation to share their good fortune.” — Dick Gephardt, United States Representative from Missouri from 1977 to 2005

NOT THE brightest Thanksgiving we've ever had, I must say, what with that giant pumpkin the Electoral College . . . although not the majority of voters . . . will elevate to, arguably, the most powerful position in the world. 

But still, I wish to recount the things I am grateful for.

• I'm thankful for Paul, every minute of every day of every year. Paul, always Paul.
• I'm thankful that Paul's parents, Phyllis and Keith, and Mama Logli, Papa Stein and Aunt Mary Louise and other very senior relatives are still with us.

 I'm thankful for our (yikes) FIVE furry children.

• I'm thankful we saved Shiva.
• I'm thankful for steadfast IRL friends.
• I'm thankful for the intelligent, big-hearted residents of my virtual village
• I'm thankful for the help Helen's Pajama Party has received from Paul, Kurt Konek, Ronn Newby, Tiffany Allison, various organizations, members of the community and a donor who wishes to remain anonymous. Without their generosity, Helen's wouldn't exit. 
• I'm thankful for never having to go hungry. 
• I'm thankful for a safe, warm, dry place to live.
• I'm thankful for having work to do.
• I'm thankful for our nice, new car. We were anxious about picking one out, and we chose a good one. 
• I'm thankful for the internet.
• I'm thankful for teachers and for the people who haul our trash away every week and for everyone who works taking care of the rest of us so that we can have the day off.
 I'm thankful for The New York Times even though I haven't been able to bring myself to read it since the election, and for the 41,000 new subscribers who have been added since the election. 
• And despite the current grim outlook, I'm thankful for being lucky enough to have been born in a country offering so much opportunity.

Thanksgiving day buffet. Front row left to right: Phyllis Bridson, Karl Schilling, Peg Schilling. Back row: Keith Bridson, me, Paul Schilling and Paul

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  1. Beautifully said Kelly. We must focus on the good in order to get through the rest. People we love, People who love us and the unimaginable good fortune we have in our homes, and families. I wake every day grateful for clean sheets, a wall between me and the alley that I'm on the inside of. A clean bathroom in which I have safety, privacy and dignity to take care of things. Hot water at my fingertips - though I must use it cautiously, tomatoes about to ripen on my patio, a vehicle that functions most of the time and so much more. This is a GREAT post. I will end by expressing gratitude for the magick of the interwebz connecting us somehow. <3