Monday, May 30, 2016


“People are like pickles — some are sour, some are sweet, and some leave a bad taste in your mouth.” ― Kallee Gallant

NO ONE can ever accuse me of not being Shiny . . . because tonight on this Memorial weekend, I'm talking about pickles. Yup, pickles. 

Here's why. I discovered one I like. 

Paul l-o-v-e-s pickles! I've never liked them. I could take a little (very little) pickle relish in potato salad or tuna salad, but to eat a pickle? Never. Especially a dill pickle! I've always classified them as punishment, not food.

But I've found one I actually like, which is so weird because I've spent my whole life hating them.

They are Nathan's Famous New York Kosher Halves.

Some months back, I bought a jar of Nathan's  for Paul obviously because I would ever eat a pickle, but these pickles actually smelled good. Eventually I tried a bite of one and discovered that I kinda liked them. Since then I've voluntarily eaten some. Once in a while I'll go out to the refrigerator and have a bite of pickle.

I realize people's tastes can change over time. Maybe mine have, but I think it has more to do with the pickle. I always disliked pickles because I don't like vinegar-anything, and pretty much all pickles — or at least the ones I've had — are vinegary, but Nathan's are salty, not vinegary.

So there you have it pickle lovers and haters. I'll be interested to hear what both classes think of this pickle. 

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