Thursday, February 25, 2016

The sanity of cats

“Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.” — Donald J. Trump, December 2015

REMEMBER my last post, when I said I was going to blog about cats because what's going on in the world — and as it happens, my own state — is making me crazy? 

Well it isn't any better today, that's for darn sure.

In our quest to watch as many of the nominated movies and performances as possible before the Academy Awards Sunday night, Paul and I rented Trumbo. We got it started, but I had to suggest finishing it the following day, because I just can't take it right now. The similarity between the climate of the country then and now is too alarming and infuriating. 

And there was another mass shooting today!!! This one was in Kansas.

But the Republican-led Congress is way more up in arms (literally, as it happens) about making sure the next Supreme Court justice agrees with them about disenfranchising poor and non-white voters, denying access to reproductive services to disadvantaged — no, make that all women, and getting guns into everyone's hands, including children's.

Paul and I caught a little of The Nightly Show, and Larry Wilmore pointed out the irony of the government's frantic efforts to make Apple invent a work-around so they can hack into 
one Muslim terrorist's phone — make no mistake, it will eventually be all of our phones — while home-grown terrorists can buy as many assault weapons as they choose. 

Yup, it's cats tonight.

Definitely the map of our bed

In order from head to foot — literally. I'm the lump 
under the covers. Shye, Shiva, Boy Boy

Shiva is the co-author of Hey Look Something Shiny

She crawled inside his coat
Shiva likes sitting on her princess pillow, and she loves purses. These two are hilarious together. Boy Boy weighs twice what she does, but she's in charge!! She's extra smart and adventurous, and he, poor guy, just isn't very bright. He's always following her around, trying to do whatever she does. He even has a special meow that he only uses to call her to come and play. It happens to be a really loud and especially annoying voice he breaks out for that purpose, but he seriously only uses that particular call to ask her to play with him.

Shye says that she's ready for her close-up now, Mr. DeMille
Sweet little Miss Anaya

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