Saturday, December 12, 2015

Hawaii stuns Penn State in volleyball

“Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud." — Maya Angelou

I ENJOY watching tennis, swimming, track and field, gymnastics, skating, baseball, soccer and non-pro basketball. 

I loathe boxing, the purpose of which is to knock one another senseless. What are we, Neanderthals? And football is only marginally better. The overall goal (little pun there) is to get the ball into the end zone, but between here and there the mission of everybody except the one with the ball is to physically wham into opposing players and knock them down, senseless if necessary. Soccer is much more sensible IMHO and not just as exciting as American football, but more so.

Paul and I have had great fun attending multiple USA Olympic trials and championship in gymnastics, swimming, basketball and track and field. Unsurprisingly then, with one of the NCAA Division I women's regional finals being held here in Des Moines, Paul secured tickets. Paul had a holiday party gig last night at the Wakonda with Tanner Taylor and Dave Altemeier, so I went solo.

First up in the semi's: the University of Minnesota vs. the University of Illinois. The U of M won in three straight sets. Then it was Penn State vs. the University of Hawaii. When the teams came out on the court, it looked like Penn State would walk all over Hawaii. Penn State had a bigger team literally and figuratively: they brought more players and wow, is that team TALL, not to mention that Penn State came in as the two-time defending national champions. 

It's safe to say that #7 Hawaii looked like underdogs, but aside from that enticement to root for them, the piece de resistance was that Hawaii brought their pep band and cheerleaders!!! Seriously!! All the way from Hawaii.

And that band was pumped! They pounded out the theme from Hawaii Five-O, the cheerleaders did gasp-enducing lifts — and guess what Hawaii's teams are called? Rainbows!! How can you not love that? The men are the Rainbow Warriors and the women are the Rainbow Wahine, and they're cheered on with "Go Bows." 

And they won!! They stunned Penn State in straight sets!! Yay Rainbows.

We're going back tonight to watch the regional finals between #2 Minnesota and the Rainbows. Sorry, northern neighbors, I'm rooting for the Bows

Pictures from the match are below. However, first I must add this footnote: what I didn't like about the four teams was they all had male head coaches. Women deserve to see female coaches modeled for them. I'll be cool with men coaching women when women coach men. Hire women!! 

University of Minnesota in white; Illinois in orange.
There are three  of these, but I love them all so much because of the expressions on their faces.

Penn State in white; Hawaii in black and green.

Hawaii brought their pep band!

And their cheerleaders.

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