Monday, November 30, 2015

Other buildings, other rooms

“Observe good faith and justice toward all nations. Cultivate peace and harmony with all.” — George Washington

If YOU'VE read the two previous Hey Look posts about our visit to Washington DC, you know we spent a great deal of time in the Thomas Jefferson Library of Congress and Supreme Court buildings, but we popped into other places as well. Here are a few more views and reviews.

We walked through the Folger Theater and Library where Shakespearean works are performed on a regular basis. While we were in town, Pericles was being staged and getting excellent reviews. We considered going, but tickets were only available for the matinee, and we didn't want to miss any daytime touring time. Below are two pictures from the FTS&T website, so you can get a sense of the place.



Who knew that Florida has an embassy? Yup. It's the only state that has one. The Florida House website says that since 1973 it has welcomed visiting Floridian students, dignitaries, elected officials and business people in the nation's capital where they can "explore the outstanding art collection and antique furnishings, get information about attractions in the area, and learn about Florida's congressional delegation." 

Friday night as we were walking back from the Thomas Jefferson Library of Congress building, we passed a church and heard ethereal organ music wafting into the air. I followed my ears and found an unlocked entrance to the church, St. Mark's Episcopal, but the door to the sanctuary was locked. I took a chance, knocked softly, and organist Jason West was gracious enough to let us come in and listen to him rehearse. It was magical. 

St Mark's sanctuary.

Pipes of the pipe organ.
We walked past the Capitol building many times. Below is a frieze detail.

The two photos below are of the Canadian Embassy

Sculpture at the Canadian Embassy. Normally the boat is in water.

The Newseum, a seven-level, interactive museum of news and journalism peaked our interest, but we didn't have time to visit. One of the cool things about it is that on the outside of the building, the current front page of a daily newspaper from every state in the union is displayed in a long gallery. That day Iowa was represented by the Iowa City Press-Citizen.

Last, and certainly not least: the Spy Museum. Paul and I had been looking forward to visiting it, and it did not disappoint. We spent two-and-half hours there, and in fact closed the place down, but we didn't even get half way through it. Next time we're back, we'll see if we can finish the tour.


  1. D.C. Is a city with so much to offer. Loads of walking but from a car, you miss so much! I love it. What a tremendous trip.

    1. Thanks, as always, for reading and caring. You're the best.