Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Here's what would have happened

“There were so many rounds fired from bad-guy weapons here, it is amazing that innocent civilians were not injured.” — Sergeant Patrick Swanton, Waco Police Department spokesman

UNLESS you've been in a cave or on a 10-day, no-cell-service vacation, you've watched or read about the biker gang shootout in Waco, TX that took place May 17. Nine people were killed, 18 were injured, and 170 gang members were arrested.

Paul pointed out a conspicuous, racist reality: take exactly the same circumstance with the same statistics, but change one detail: make the participants black or Mexican or Muslim. Imagine the pandemonium that would have erupted. Police contingents would have been called in replete with body armor and militarized vehicles, civilians would have taken up arms or at least checked their ammo supply as continuous-news-feed fear mongering escalated the hysteria.

But hey, these were white guys!!!

And because they are, what took place is seen as a localized incident created by individual law-breaking people, not some wave of terror sweeping the country.

Friend Karl Schilling passed on this video which perfectly makes Paul's point.

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  1. We watched that program and cheered! Brilliantly done, it opens the conversation perfectly.