Friday, May 29, 2015

On the radio

“Basically, radio hasn't changed over the years. Despite all the technical improvements, it still boils down to a man or a woman and a microphone, playing music, sharing stories, talking about issues — communicating with an audience.” — Casey Kasem, American disc jockey, music historian, radio celebrity, voice actor and actor

WELL bless my soul, I was interviewed on the radio for 20 minutes. I know! Who would want to listen to me for that long?!?! 

Actually, I'm kinda hoping that you will. It was for Helen's Pajama Party

And could you do me a favor? Email my radio interviewer and host, Kim Chase, and tell her thanks for having me on her show. She's seriously the bomb. What a dynamo.

Here's her email:

The interview will air on these stations:

  • Nash FM 97.3     5:30 AM  Saturday, May 30
  • 98.3 The Torch     7:00 AM  Sunday, May 31
  • 95 KGGO     5:00 AM  Sunday, May 31
  • 92.5 Nash Icon     5:00 AM  Sunday, May 31
  • AM 1700 The Champ     5:00 AM  Sunday, May 31   

But in case you don't live within range, you can click on the below link to listen.

Kelly and Kim On The Radio

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