Thursday, April 30, 2015

Forty-eight thousand dollars

The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character — that is the goal of true education. — Martin Luther King, Jr.

EACH YEAR the Rotary Club of Des Moines, of which I am a member, gives away six $8,000 scholarships — one each to a student selected from each of Des Moines' six high schools. 

Rob Tucker, Mark Lyons and I have had the privilege of choosing the East High recipient for the last four years. This year we interviewed four students who were prescreened for us by school counselor Jennifer Blumberg, and all were exceptionally deserving. 

Difficult as it is, however, our job is to choose one, and this year the East High recipient is Katelynn Cox

In all of her junior and senior high classes, Katelynn has only received two B's. All the rest have been A's. Besides maintaining this excellent academic record, Katelynn played varsity softball for four years and varsity golf for three. She also brought back the Fellowship of Christian Athletes to East High and served as its president. In addition, she's volunteered with Amanda the Panda, Meals from the Heartland, Reggi's Sleepover and Planned Parenthood's Book Sale, and for the last year, she's worked at least 30 hours a week at an outside-of-school job.

Because art therapy proved so helpful to Katelynn when her mother died, she plans to attend the University of Iowa to become an art therapist herself. Katelynn and I have that in common: both of our mothers died when we were six. (I just realized that in this picture, I'm wearing the necklace that was my mom's.)

Left to right: Rob Tucker, East High Scholarship recipient Katelynn Cox, me, Mark Lyons.
The scholarship winner from the other schools are:

Hoover:  Faith Gaye

Lincoln:  Amdre Flatt

North:  Esperanza Vargas Macias

Hannah Marks

Roosevelt:  Hannah Marks (Paul knows Hannah well. He's actually gigged with her; tells you what an extremely talented bass player she is to be gigging with professional musicians as her young age. Hannah has been excepted into the prestigious Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University for which all applicants must audition. Of those, the school accepts roughly only 25%.

Scavo:  Bailey Swackhammer

Congratulations to them all.

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  1. What a cool kid! Well rounded, hard working, smart and with a great future. I am so happy you got to be part of helping her reach toward her goal.