Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Dick pic blows closet — or someone in it

“The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” — William Shakespeare, Hamlet

I GOTTA say, whenever someone verges on the vitriolic in ranting and raving about how dangerous, evil, immoral or (fill in the blank) homosexual people are, the likelihood increases significantly IMHO that it's fear of or a cover for the protestor's own orientation or inclination.

The most famous example of course is Roy Cohn, the vicious attorney who was Senator Joseph McCarthy's right-hand man during the infamous McCarthy Era's House Un-American Activities Committee investigations, the communist witch hunt that ruined so many people's lives in the early 1950's. HUAC's influence also incited and included the persecution and purging of gay people from government known as the Lavender Scare.

Joseph McCarthy

Here's an excerpt from an interview by the University of Chicago Press with David K. Johnson, author of The Lavender Scare: The Cold War Persecution of Gays and Lesbians in the Federal Government.

Question: How many gays and lesbian were purged from the federal government?

Johnson: We will never know for sure, but partial statistics show that at least several thousand gay men and lesbians lost government jobs. The real number is probably much higher, because most government workers who endured brutal interrogations about their sex lives chose to voluntarily resign rather than face further publicity. In addition, thousands of gay and lesbian private-sector employees whose jobs required them to have a federal security clearance also were fired or resigned. The federal government did not reveal the reason someone was denied a security clearance, so private companies generally fired such employees. As the nation's largest employer, the federal government set the tone for employment practices in many industries, and its anti-gay policies were widely copied by the private sector.

The irony was that Roy Cohn was himself gay, and in fact died of AIDS in 1986, and as it turns out, there were no small number of rumors floating around about Joe McCarthy's sexual preferences as well. Here's an excerpt from a March 2, 2005 article by Leslie Feinberg from the website Workers World:

In 1952, journalist Hank Greenspun wrote a column about the ambitious senator. It said that "Joe McCarthy is a bachelor of 43 years...He seldom dates girls and if he does he laughingly describes it as window dressing. It is common talk among homosexuals in Milwaukee who rendezvous in the White Horse Inn that Senator Joe McCarthy has often engaged in homosexual activities." (Las Vegas Sun, Oct. 25, 1952)

While McCarthy was said to have briefly threatened to sue Greenspun for libel, he later declined to do so, reportedly after lawyers told him it meant he'd have to testify about his sexuality. Less than a year later, McCarthy married his secretary, Jeannie Kerr.

So here's the latest anti-gay legislator who is . . . wait for it . . .  gay. (I have to admit, I kinda wish cell phones were around in the 40's and 50's.) And this is me almost having avoided making a pun about the pronunciation of Randy's last name.

Anti-Gay State Rep. Named Randy Boehning Caught Sending Dick Pics on Grindr

by Tina Nguyen for Mediaite
April 28th, 2015

Why are the politicians with dick pic issues nearly always named after penis slang? Seriously, why? It’s as if having a penis name as a legal name automatically sets up a male politician for a horribly embarrassing public downfall that involves a dick pic. (Note from Kelly: Think Anthony Weiner.) So North Dakota State Representative Randy Boehning (R) should have seriously thought twice before 1) being vocally anti-gay rights, and 2) sending an image of his penis to some random person on Grindr.

Randy Boehning

After Rep. Boehning had voted against a bill that would have expanded anti-discrimination rights for LGBT citizens, the Fargo Forum published a splashy front page featuring his photo, as well as the photos of every representative who also voted against the bill. 21-year-old Dustin Smith, a Bismarck resident, soon recognized Boehning as a Grindr user named “Top Man!” who’d been flirting with him for the past year and sending him many a pic, some with his face, and at least one dick pic during the time frame of the contentious discrimination bill vote.

“How can you discriminate against the person you’re trying to pick up?” Smith rhetorically asked The Forum.

When confronted with the graphic evidence, Bohening initially remained silent, but eventually admitted that yes, he was gay, and that a few people had known, including some legislators who he alleged had attempted to blackmail him. “The 1,000-pound gorilla has been lifted,” he said, apparently relieved that he’d been outed. “I have to confront it at some point.”

Despite his own personal orientation, Boehning said he’d voted against the bill because it would have gone against the will of his constituents. But what he does with his own smartphone and his own dick is another matter.

On Saturday he confirmed he was Top Man! and said he doesn’t think sending a graphic photo of himself to a stranger is a lapse in judgment, as Grindr is an adult site where users often exchange such images.

“That’s what gay guys do on gay sites, don’t they?” Boehning said. “That’s how things happen on Grindr. It’s a gay chat site. It’s not the first thing you do on that site. That’s what we do, exchange pics on the site.”

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  1. Wow he wasted his chance to do good work and took the tea party path instead. Now they will probably push him out and he'll no longer have the opportunity. :-\