Saturday, March 28, 2015

Son of Bat-shit-crazy runs for President

“I get sad with the people that go around bashing this country and speaking against this country. Perhaps we ought to send them for a month or two to some place that is out of this country, to realize what it is to live without freedom and without liberty. But you know what happens is, we take freedom for granted in this country. And perhaps we say: ‘Well, it could never happen in America.’ Well, it is happening in America.” — Rafael Cruz, Ted Cruz’s father

RAISE your hand if you think Joe McCarthy look-alike, Ted Cruz, is nutty. 

Obviously Ted's dad is bat-shit crazy — and not smart enough to recognize the irony of proposing that Americans be deprived of liberty for exercising the constitutionally-guaranteed liberty of freedom of speech. 

Remember boys and girls, this is who raised TedHands up yet?

March 23 Mr. Cruz announced his presidential candidacy, and as Addicting Information said in a post on the same day, the internet did what it does best — mocked him incessantly. 

"Twitter hashtag #TedCruzCampaignSlogans quickly filled with helpful suggestions for the Presidential hopeful’s campaign one-liners.”

Here are some of the best suggestions the site compiled. Please feel free to contribute your own.

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