Friday, January 30, 2015

In memory of Chuck Shea

"Someone please tell the Pope that in the rest of the world we have always believed that our family members, our beloved pets, have always gone to heaven!" — Chuck Shea

MY ADMIRABLE, animal-loving, gun-violence-fighting, all-American Facebook friend, Chuck Shea, died. 

I wrote this on his Facebook page when I learned of his death:

"Chuck, you always knew you were special to me. There are only a handful of Facebook friends whom I'd call periodically just to check on them; you were one of those few. You often talked to me about feeling like your New York friends had forgotten you. We were of like minds on so much, but on this, I'm glad to see you proven wrong as evidenced by the outpouring of sorrow at losing you.

I don't feel like I can do you justice!

What a big kind heart — always holding steady for peace, justice and love. I loved it that you were both so passionate and so compassionate.

You never stopped missing your Lorraine. Oh how you adored her. Rest in her loving arms now; you don't have to miss her anymore."

Below is one of his last posts and a video I'm throwing in for good measure because he would have loved it.


  1. Thank you so much Kelly, I can't really believe Chuck has gone to be with my sister - both gone far too soon. I love the fact he decided to dive right in to FB and take on an important issue - gun violence - which I'm sure wouldn't have made him popular in some circles. One of the last things he posted on his page was about some idiots in the neighbourhood firing guns at some stupid hour of the morning when sensible people were trying to sleep. He was plagued with hearing it and disgusting by seeing the result of guns rampant in society.

    He was as you've rightly pointed out - an animal lover - and doted on his wife's strays that he came to call his own. Brody and Cleo now live with his son, Boots the cat died the same week as Chuck. I try to imagine him carrying Boots to Lorraine and the three of them happily reunited.

    I'll always remember him with that cool slicked back 50's hairstyle, grooving to his tunes and his unabashed adoration of his son Michael and daughter Catherine.

    He really was a cool dude. I miss him terribly.

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    1. Thank you, Casual Geek GIrl. Chuck was a sweet man and deserves all the love and praise he's receiving.