Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Two new websites

“The most powerful element in advertising is the truth.” — William Bernbach, creative director and one of the three founders in 1949 of the internationally-renowned advertising agency, Doyle Dane Bernbach. 

THIS IS a semi-blatant ad — or you could be magnanimous and chalk it up to just keeping you in the loop about my (not-very-interesting) life.

Paul and I just finished a couple of websites; one is for the Des Moines Musicians' Association which is the local music union. Yup, Paul is a "union man". (A million points for anyone who knows from what very, very old but very, very funny movie the line, "Are you a union man?" is from!)

The second one is for the worm poop people. Yup, worm poop. The correct name for this product is worm castings, which is a nice word for . . . worm poop! 

It's miraculous stuff, though, and I think it could literally change the world for the better. Really! It's natural fertilizer that's entirely non-harmful to plants, animals, people, children and the environment in general, yet works better than any chemical stew.

I've made a screen cap of both sites to possibly maybe maybe entice you into actually clicking on the links and seeing the sites. Des Moines Musicians' Association

Yup, that's Paul in the slide show. His certainly isn't the only photo, but since I had my
choice of which one to screen cap, of course I would choose Paul.

Central Iowa Organic Fertilizer

The photo is of our own garden.

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