Sunday, October 5, 2014


“Women need food, water, and compliments. That's right. And an occasional pair of shoes.” ― Chris Rock

I CAME ACROSS this video for innovative shoe closures called Hickies that I've been meaning to share with you for many months. I'm not shilling for this company. I just think they're really creative and practical, and I mean to get some for Paul because he can never keep his shoes tied. 

3/19 15 Update: I wanted to get these for Paul to try because he has a hard time keeping his shoes tied, plus the bonus round, if they work like they're advertised, is that you don't have to tie and untie your shoes to get them on and off; they become slip-ons. 

I ordered a set in for his athletic shoes, and got them in a few days ago. Paul put them on one shoe so he could compare how they felt versus regular shoe laces. At first he wasn't sure if he liked them, but then he loosened them and removed the pair of Hickies at the very top eye of his shoes, and now he likes them a lot. They're now, as promised, slip-ons and never untied. (He said if he were going to go running, he'd put the top pair back in for the run.)

They seem to be a good solution for people who, like Paul, have a hard time keeping shoes tied and for people who have a hard time bending over enough to get shoes on and off.

Elastic Lacing System

Laces Out

Hickies replaces your traditional shoelaces, and turns any pair of lace-up shoes into comfortable slip-ons while keeping them secure on your feet.

As long as your shoe has eyelets, Hickies will fit; each set is adjustable to any shoe size, from kids to adults. Made of a flexible elastic that loosens and contracts with your foot, Hickies have a bit of memory so they keep their shape. They're perfect for just about anyone -- from everyday athletes, business travelers, the elderly and kids who can't yet tie their shoes to style-conscious folks who like their kicks to match their style.

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