Saturday, August 30, 2014

Keep those calls and emails coming

What does it say about the college coed Susan Fluke [sic], who goes before a congressional committee and essentially says that she must be paid to have sex? What does that make her? It makes her a slut, right? It makes her a prostitute. She wants to be paid to have sex. She's having so much sex she can't afford the contraception. She wants you and me and the taxpayers to pay her to have sex. — Rush Limbaugh, 2/29/12

HEE HEE HEE. It's working!

Those emails and calls to Rush Limbaugh's advertisers telling them we won't buy their products or use their services until they stop advertising on his hateful show are making a difference!

Advertisers are bailing. 

When advertisers become scarce, his show stops making money for stations that air him, and stations dump him.

So keep doing it. (Below is a list of Limbaugh's national advertisers along with their contact information.)

I've also attached an article from Blue Nation Review about stations giving old Slimebaugh the heave ho. Since one of the stations is in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, I called the station myself to double check, and it's true that they have changed the format of one of two stations to exclude him. Unfortunately he still runs on the other. But, c'mon, we're making inroads!

Rush Limbaugh Still Being Rush and Dropped by 4 More Stations
By Jill Bond
August 25, 2014

Conservatives’ favorite sexist, propagandist talk-show radio host has gotten himself thrown off of four more radio stations this month. Rush Limbaugh’s special brand of misogyny, racism, and hate has been getting pushback from protesters, and advertisers and broadcasters have taken notice.

When advertisers are confronted with Limbaugh’s offensive content, verbatim, many realize what disgusting and hateful speech comes out of Limbaugh and have refused to have their products associated with him. The Huffington Post reported the ad market’s hostility towards Limbaugh last year, saying that 48 of the top 50 network advertisers have “excluded Rush and [Sean] Hannity” orders. Rush is persona non grata in many advertising circles.

The latest stations to dump Limbaugh this past month are: WSJM in St. Joseph, Michigan, another in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, a Pittsburgh station, and a California radio station. The radio stations are switching to anything but Rush, with a wide array of music, sports, and non-English speaking programs.

The boycotting of Limbaugh is paying off, as his critics have used free speech — something that Limbaugh likes to claim gives him the right to make all of his hate-filled speeches — to shut him down. There are consequences to calling women “sluts”, “receptacles for male semen”, and “abortion machines”. There are consequences for being a bigot that constantly attacks African Americans, Mexicans, homosexuals, the poor, and mentally ill.

There are so many compilations of Rush Limbaugh hate speech to be found on YouTube, so I just had to choose one. This one is focused on some of his misogynistic rantings:

Final Trim (weight loss pills)     800.655.8385

IDrive     818.878.9202

Blinds.Com / Home Depot     800.505.1905

Ovation Hair / Ovation Cell Therapy     760.597.5936

Dinovite (pet vitamins and supplements)     859.428.1000

American Bullion (gold buyers and sellers)     800.365.4189

Budget Blinds     866.590.6341

Power Swabs (teeth whitening) (testosterone)

Visiting Angels (elder care)     800.365.4189 (ex 1814)

Regus (office space across the US)     888.863.0551

Goldworth Financial     818.444.7102

Gold Bond (all products)

Tax Defense Partners (tax resolution)     866.IRS.PROB

DeVry (online university)     866.DEVR.34

ProFlowers     800.580.2913

Rite Aid (drug store chain)     800.RITE.AID

Dish Network (personal ID app)     650.206.2707

State Farm     309.766.2311

Apple Computer     408.996.1010

WAVE Home Solutions     800.293.9577

American Heart Association (PSAs)     214.373.6300

Buzzed Driving NHTSA / Ad Council     202.331.9153

Quicken Loans     800.863.4332

Unisom (sleeping aid)     423.821.4571

Super Beta Prostate     800.943.6465

UPS Store     858.455.8982

Napa Auto Parts     800.538.6272

The Company Corporation (online law service)     800-945-9958

Acura     800.382.2238

iHeartRadio (owned by Clear Channel)

Greenlight Financial Services     866.663.2783

Icy Hot Patch     423.821.4571

Hillsdale College     517-437-7341

Comcast Business Class     800-391-3000


  1. Great news Kelly! I've signed petitions, written emails, and made calls. So glad to know it's having an impact.
    Thank you for sharing! That man says the ugliest things and it would be a great gift is the open market causes him to be silenced.

  2. We just have to keep nipping away at him.