Friday, August 15, 2014


“Christopher Robin Had wheezles And sneezles, They bundled him Into His bed. They gave him what goes With a cold in the nose, And some more for a cold In the head.” — A.A. Milne


So I thought, "Well, since this circumstance has befallen me, it's a good time to work on a major post." But two things:

1) I feel crappy. Nothing life-threatening. Just a most miserable virus. Lucky for me, Paul is being his usual, loving self — making me homemade chicken soup, fresh-squeezed orange juice, and bringing chocolate home. He also made two trips to the store to get me first Lotion Kleenex (which didn't feel much different than regular) and then Cool Touch Kleenex which does feel better on a raw nose, but the head is too achy to write much.

2) This particular post I have in mind will be a time-consuming one. I'm writing it with the intention of enlisting your help in putting Rush Limbaugh out of business. Seriously, I think we can take him down. I'm so very encouraged by the recent high numbers of advertisers deserting him, and boy howdy, am I game to help!

So hang on, sloopy, sloopy hang on. (I was going to quote the famous Sam and Dave lyrics, but hey, this is the innertubes, and lord only knows how those particular lyrics might have been misconstrued!)

In the meantime, here are kitties knocking things on the floor. C'mon! They're not jerks!! Kitties can't help it. It's like asking Monk not to straighten a picture.

Time for baby knockout drops for moi. Oh, and PS: Even though I'm sick abed, I'm doing the happy dance that Texas governor Rick Perry has been indicted by a grand jury on charges abuse of power. Hee hee. 

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