Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Two thumbs down

"The best moment of Seth MacFarlane's Oscars hosting gig may have come late in the night when, in announcing Meryl Streep, he said 'our next presenter needs no introduction' and then just walked away. If only he'd kept his mouth shut more frequently." — Spencer Kornhaber, senior associate editor at The Atlantic

MY FACEBOOK FRIEND, Galen, asked me what I thought of the Oscars. I must say that I really, really, REALLY disliked the host, Seth MacFarlane. To be more precise, I called him a smug, little punk. 

I ran across a blog post for The New Yorker written by Amy Davidson, the title of which was "Seth MacFarlane and the Oscars’ Hostile, Ugly, Sexist Night." That was the headline, followed by her first sentence: "Watching the Oscars last night meant sitting through a series of crudely sexist antics led by a scrubby, self-satisfied Seth MacFarlane." 

Couldn't agree more.

Peter Brady and Seth MacFarlane separated at birth?

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