Sunday, January 20, 2013

Live wrong

"A half truth is a whole lie." — Yiddish Proverb

DID YOU WATCH either part of Oprah's interview with Lance Armstrong? I didn't. What was I going to learn: that he lied — and water is wet?

He's only fessing up to the limited extent he is because A) he was finally boxed in by the sheer quantity of evidence against him B) he's trying to angle his way to having his all-sports banishment mitigated. 
How sorry can he possibly be if he's done nothing to make amends to those whose careers and lives he ruined by defaming them when they told the truth? And as Paul pointed out, though Armstrong has lost his lucrative endorsements, he still has the millions he made before being dropped.

Greed. It'll be the ruin of this country yet.
As Nicholas Kristof said in a Facebook post, Armstrong needs to replace his Live Strong bracelets with ones that say Live Wrong or Lie Strong. In a similar vein, Paul saw a Facebook meme today currently making the rounds that says: How disappointing to discover that liars' pants don't actually burst into flames. Agreed.

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