Friday, December 14, 2012

Old friends

"Memory is the diary that we all carry about with us." — Oscar Wilde 

PERIODICALLY I GO through a spell where I think this blogging thing I've waded into is a silly waste of time. Who knows whether anyone actually reads it?

But then something happens that encourages me. Recently Hey Look was the means for reconnecting two old friends. She and he worked at the same grocery store and dated a little 50 years ago. Mostly they were part of a group of friends from the store. He recently developed cancer, and as often happens when someone encounters a life-threatening event, he began thinking about people from his past who had special meaning along the way and deserved a belated thanks.

He Googled my friend's name and came across a Hey Look, Something Shiny post that mentioned her. He emailed me to ask if I would enquire as to whether or not she would accept email from him. They've since enjoyed a few conversations via email and phone.  

I wasn't romance either sought; both are happily married. It was simply an opportunity for two old friends to connect and reminisce, and for one of them to have the opportunity to say, "Thanks for being such a sweet person way back when." Gratefully, he's in remission, so there's no sad ending to this story. Just warmth and friendship.