Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election results

"Growing up in politics I know that women decide all elections because we do all the work." Caroline Kennedy 

AM I HAPPY about the election results? Why yes, yes I am.

In the Senate:

Missouri: Claire McCaskill won, and even better, Todd (legitimate rape) Akin lost. 
Indiana: Richard (pregnancy from rape is something God intended) Mourdock lost!!
Wisconsin: Tammy Baldwin pulled off an historic win as the first openly lesbian Senator. 
Massachusetts: Elizabeth Warren won.
Minnesota: Amy Klobuchar was reelected.

House races:

Washington state: John (the rape thing) Koster was defeated by Suzan DelBene.

Gubernatorial races:

New Hampshire: Maggie Hassan's win makes her the only female Democratic governor in the entire US.

The Presidency:

Barack Obama remains the President of the United States.

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