Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Shiva's former life

"Worry is a misuse of imagination." — Dan Zadra

PAUL and Shiva are at the vet right now. She's been throwing up the last two days, more than is normal even for a cat prone to hair balls

Paul has been relaying information to me as he gets it. All of her blood work looks really good, but then our vet X-rayed her and although, thankfully, she has no intestinal obstructions, she has a small round mass near her esophagus. Of course, I instantly thought "tumor" — but apparently that's not the case because it's denser even than bone. 

They're in the process of doing another X-ray with a little bit of barium to better determine whether whatever it is — is inside or outside of her esophagus.

Paul and Shiva are back home now. The object isn't something she swallowed and isn't in her esophagus. The vet believes that before we adopted her from the Animal Rescue League, she was shot with a pellet, and it's lodged in her neck, but she doesn't think that's what's causing the vomiting; it's apparently unrelated. It's one of those correlation does not equal causation situations.

The vet gave Shiva a shot of something to calm her stomach, and we have some special RX, bland food to feed her for awhile. Paul also emailed Shiva's X-rays to the wonderful Kyle Malter who took care Jeppe for years. He agrees that the BB in her neck isn't obstructing her esophagus or causing the nausea. Because the BB is so close to her jugular and vital nerves, it would be more dangerous to remove it than to leave it, so it's going to stay where it is.

Who could have ever shot beautiful, sweet, lovable, little Shiva? Whoever it was deserves a BB in the neck as well, but scaled up in size enough to be proportional. 

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