Thursday, August 16, 2012

160 million and counting

"I was trying to daydream, but my mind kept wandering." — Steven Wright, American comedian

I ADMIRE WRITERS so very much and quite evidently wish I were one. I mean a real one, not just one of the 160 million blah, blah, bloggers in the world. That's the estimated number of blogs in existence this year. But it's a good thing. The internet is the great equalizer. 

A friend described Hey Look as being my diary, and she's someone who actually reads it and likes me!

I got to wondering how I would describe my blog. I guess I'd call it a scrapbook. It's a compilation of stories and ideas that I find intriguing, inspiring, provocative, frustrating or funny or make me angry or hopeful — as well as a record of the mundane, everydayness of my life.

The analytics on my blog say that there were 1,909 page views of my blog last month, 29 so far today and 41 yesterday. I don't believe it — as in I literally don't believe the numbers. It has been interesting to me, however, to see which posts are the most popular. 

The winner with 418 page views is a post written in August of last year about the 2011 US Women's Gymnastics National ChampionshipIn general the most popular posts seem to be about sports, music, PANDAS (the disease syndrome, not the animals), cute animal videos, the Southern Poverty Law Center, one particular post from our trip to Florida and Paul

Seriously, he's very popular. My guess is that he's developed a group of female fans who find him fascinating and remarkable because he's so chivalrous, non-chauvenistic and generous in loving me. I'm speculating that there's a certain subset who like to read about him if for no another reason than to reassure themselves that such men exist.

I said all that in preparation for passing on to you a great guest commentary that appeared in City View, but once again I am so very shiny and have wandered off again. Tomorrow.

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