Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Women's 800m freestyle Olympic trials

"Just keep swimming, just keep swimming. — Dory, from Finding Nemo

THE WOMEN'S 800 meter freestyle was billed as a showdown between Kate Ziegler in lane 4 and Katie Ledecky in lane 5.

The starting lineup.

At the blocks. Kate Ziegler is in lane 4, Kathleen Ledecky in lane 5 and
Chloe Sutton in lane 6.

Right to left, Kate, Kathleen and Chloe.

From left top to bottom right: Lane 5 (Kathleen Ledecky), lane 4 (Kate Zieigler), 
lane 3 (Gillian Ryan) and lane 2 (Becca Mann) at the buzzer.

Kathleen Lededky was in the lead early on. The question was whether
she'd gone out too hot and could hang on.

Kathleen was still holding on to her lead.
Kathleen going for the gold.

Approaching the seventh lap with Kathleen still in front.

Kathleen a stroke away from victory.

Watch Chloe Sutton (in the yellow cap) who came in fourth.

Chloe bounds out of the pool.

She makes a dash across the deck.

Into her mom's arms. Chloe finished second in the 400m free which qualified her 
for the Olympics. I'm guessing from appearances that she was pretty happy 
with her performance at twice the distance in the 800m.

The results at the finish were:

1st — Katie Ledecky
2nd —Kate Ziegler
3rd — Haley Anderson
4th — Chloe Sutton
5th — Becca Mann
6th — Stephanie Peacock
7th — Gillian Ryan
8th — Danielle Valley
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