Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Stop whining

"The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it." Albert Einstein

MANY PENN STATERS and businesses in the area are complaining that the penalties levied by the NCAA are too harsh and hurt others who had nothing to do with the crimes perpetrated. 

IMHO the penalties need to be severe because unfortunately it's not just about one university sports program in which one guy committed crimes, and a few men swept it under the rug. It's about a culture that rewards winning above all else. And it's about greed. In most cases, money trumps both ethics and decency in the big leagues, whether it's sports, business or politics.

It takes a sharp instrument making a deep incision to root out this cultural malignancy. The hope is that eviscerating Penn State will serve as a cautionary tale. So to those area business owners who say they are being unjustly subjected to collateral damage, I say, "Tough". You reaped the financial benefits of a system that valued football and profit more than people; now you have to participate in the pain.

About the whole Lance Armstrong brouhaha: I think he did it. But I repeat myself. I said so a year ago. Below is my post from July 11, 2013.

Tour de Lance

"It's not about the bike." — Lance Armstrong, title of his book

I'M THINKING he's right, it's not about the bike. It's about the drugs.

The Tour de France has often been called the Tour de Lance because Lance Armstrong dominated it for so long, but as more allegations of doping surface, the question is — did he or didn't he. Unfortunately, I think he did. There's way too much smoke not to be a fire in there somewhere. Too many of his former teammates have come forward saying that they witnessed him in the act.


And with guys like Roger Clemens, you gotta wonder why it takes so long to get it that they're doping! When a player suddenly has a neck the size of a tree trunk, something besides power workouts has to be going on.

Roger Clemens or the Incredible Hulk?

Sometimes I question whether it's worth the effort to try and keep chemical enhancement out of sports. What if we let those who are so inclined ingest or inject whatever they choose? 

But what about the athletes who want to find out what their bodies are capable of purely on their own who would then be at a competitive disadvantage? I propose two separate 'divisions' for every sport — performance enhanced and au natural. We'll see whether it's Frankensports or unadulterated athleticism that pulls in the crowds. I vote for the latter. 
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