Sunday, May 27, 2012


"A different language is a different vision of life." — Frederico Fellini

IF THERE ARE any Hey Look readers in Bulgaria, here's the only Bulgarian word I know: благодаря

In English it's pronounced blahgodahria with the accent on the dah — and means thank you. Paul and I learned it a couple of years ago from a young Bulgarian woman who was working as a server at a Greek restaurant in Chicago.

But don't freak out if you're from Bulgaria, like the person from Mustang, Texas apparently did. Someone (or it could have just been an bot crawler) from Mustang opened at least one page, and I liked the town name so much that I dedicated a post to him or her (or it) with the lyrics of Mustang Sally and a video clip of Wilson Pickett performing it. And then he/she/it from Mustang disappeared entirely. I believe he/she/it thought I knew who he/she/it was! 

I didn't. 

Unless you write a comment, all I ever know about readers are the cities where page openings have taken place, and outside the US, often just the country. I don't even know whether the page opening was on purpose, accidental, whether the content was actually read, or whether it was just someone's cat walking across a keyboard. 

So here's to you both, Bulgaria and Mustang, and seriously, there's no reason to be paranoid. 
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