Thursday, May 31, 2012

51 ways

"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage." Lao Tzu

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO my loving husband. Since he's 51 today, I'm listing 51 ways he's the best man — in my world anyway. FYI: The title is a riff on Marc Cohn's song, 29 Ways

51.  He's kind to all animals, even bugs.

50.  He pretty much bases how much he likes anybody on how nice they are or aren't to me. If you're nice to me, he likes you; if you're not, you're done.

49.  He looks great in a tux.

48.  He understands Middle East history and politics. Baffles me entirely.

47.  He supports my shoe habit.

46.  He doesn't particularly like football. Doesn't mind it, but doesn't find it compelling.

45.  He likes tennis, track and field, baseball, soccer, swimming, gymnastics, high school and college basketball, but not pro basketball, wrestling, boxing or hockey.  

44.  He doesn't have a mean bone in his body.

43.  He prefers a sailboat over a motorboat.

42.  He's eclectic in his interests and knowledge.

41.  He has the same religious views as I do.

40.  He's manly, not fussy or vain.

39.  He "gets" things — and me.

38.  He likes reading, gardening and traveling.

37.  He's been blessed with attractive physical assets about which I will not be more specific other than to say — head to toe.

36.  He's kind. 

35.  He tells me I look good all the time, even when it couldn't possibly be true.

34.  He cooks, and he's really good at it.

33.  He's very science-y. 

32.  He's a talented musician.

31.  He can get really, really mad (fortunately, not at me). It makes me feel safe.

29.  He can decide to make a change and just make it. Bam.

28.  He likes shopping with me and for me, and he's good at it. 

27.  He keeps getting better at things. 

26.  He makes me laugh.

25.  He loves the great outdoors.

24.  He's chivalrous.

23.  If he wakes up before I do, he'll hold me for as long as I sleep.

22.  He can put the pedal to the medal when necessary as well or better than anyone.

21.  He's a big-time progressive.

20.  He loves to see me have fun, be good at things and voice my opinion.

19.  He has taken big risks on my behalf.

18.  He's WAY smart.

17.  He has the most incredible navigational and pathfinding ability I've ever known anyone to have. Seriously, he's like a savant or something at it.

16.  He's not materialistic or greedy.

15.  He's multi-talented, a true Renaissance man.

14.  He's doesn't seek to control who I am, how I am or what I think and do because he really, really wants me to be me.

13.  He always sees the best in me, even when I don't.

12.  He's very, very romantic.

11.  He likes holding my hand.

10.  He's a great kitty dad.

9.  He thinks I'm funny.

8.  He can find me wherever I am, literally and figuratively.

7.  He likes being around me all the time. Am I lucky or what?

6.  He misses me whenever I'm gone, even it's only a few hours.

5.  He feels deeply.

4.  He's loyal, true blue and faithful.

3.  He tells me how much he loves me every day of my life.

2.  He is endlessly forgiving and patient with me.

And coming in at number one:

1.  He loves me with all of his might all of the time, come hell or high water.

Happy birthday, to my TAHH — tall and handsome husband.

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