Saturday, July 16, 2011

Say goodnight, Eliot

"My career was obviously cut shorter than I wanted it to be." — Eliot Spitzer 

ANYONE BESIDES ME doing the happy dance now that Eliot Spitzer is off CNN? IMHO employing him undermined the network's credibility. I'm personally really tired of a culture that turns doing something dishonorable and then lying about it into a smart career move. 

Say goodnight, Eliot.

I was also glad to say goodbye to Larry King. He and his weird personal life were creeping me out, and of course Glenn Beck's removal was practically the highlight of my spring. The one that makes Paul completely crazy is Nancy Grace for sensationalizing crime, feeding off the victims and turning tragedy into a spectator sport.

Au revoir


Paul is off to a gig in Colo, Iowa tonight with trumpet-master Jerry Stenstrom.  I'm sitting in the back yard listening to the cicadas, appreciating a breeze now that it's cooled off enough to be bearable, while I keep an eye on the furry children. 

Shye is sniffing the catnip plant that for their sake we've allowed to grow to gargantuan proportions; Boy Boy is lounging on the grass, and Shiva is under a bush. Time to gather the fur balls and take them inside.

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