Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Promises, promises

"Now I can look at myself and be proud; I'm laughing out loud." — Hal David and Burt Bacharach, Promises, Promises

I'M PLAYING a little catch up here: Mary Menke asked about recipes that call for lemon or basil olive oil. You don't really need a recipe to use either one; just add it to almost anything you're cooking. Use it in anything that calls for oil — or even if it doesn't.

Paul adds a little of the lemon to pasta after he's cooked and drained it. The lemon imparts a delicious flavor and aroma. It's good for cooking meat, fish, potatoes, vegetables or in salad dressing. Adding it to asparagus cooked in a wok is extra good. It would be interesting to try it in cake and cookie recipes that call for oil. Ditto on the basil oil added to meat, fish, vegetable, salad or pasta. Negatory on the basil in dessert recipes. Doesn't sound at all appetizing.

Sunday night Gloria Gray and I attended Chicago, the Musical, at the Des Moines Civic Center. I've seen lots of musicals, but for some reason never this one. John O'Hurley (Seinfeld and Dancing with the Stars) played male lead, Billy Flynn. The two female lead character parts, Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly were played by a couple of Broadway pros, and Amos Hart was played by Ron Orbach. Gloria and I were curious whether Ron was related to the late Jerry Orbach (Law and Order and a frequent Broadway lead; he played the male lead in the original Broadway version of Promises, Promises). He is; they were cousins.

Speaking of Promises, Promises. Paul and I went to see the revival in New York City this past September. The lead role, played by Jerry Orbach in 1968, for which he won a Tony — was played by Sean Hayes in the revival. We're both big Sean Hayes fans. Kristin Chenoweth was the female lead, and Molly Shannon from Saturday Night Live was also in the cast. I was over the moon to be in New York to see this remount of a Broadway classic with such an excellent cast and from fifth-row seats!

Jerry Orbach
Cover of Cover of Promises, Promises

Last night Paul and I helped the Corporation for Economic Development in Des Moines (CEDDM) celebrate its 30th anniversary at Tursi's Latin King. Mayor Cownie was there, as were city manager Richard Clark, Governor Ray, Congressman BoswellCity of Des Moines Office of Economic Development director Terry VorbrichPolk County Treasurer Mary Maloney and lots of bankers. We were invited because Paul and I designed CEDDM's new website, unveiled at last night's party and because we're both graduates of the first E-200 class, sponsored in part by the Corporation. E-200 is a federally-designed "mini-MBA" program that business owners who meet certain criteria, in enterprise zones in selected cities, are eligible to take.

Paul had such a frustrating day at work today! We're switching phone and DSL carriers, and in the process we lost our internet, access to the websites we host, email capability and the link to our database from home. It went down Monday. Paul has been banging his head against the wall trying to figure out whether it's Qwest, our new carrier, interruption from nearby construction or some combination or D) all of the above. Paul is so smart that he can usually troubleshoot and fix anything that goes wrong himself. He had service people come out this morning, but they were not helpful. Paul was chagrined because he knew more than they did. It's almost impossible to get any work done without connectivity.

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