Wednesday, June 15, 2011

And that party was Paul

"I'm here to accept responsibility for some very dumb decisions." — Andrew Weiner, disgraced US Congressman 

PAUL'S MOM has come up with some funny lines lately. On Paul's birthday, she called to wish him many happy returns and to recount a little Paul story. When she was pregnant with him, she began experiencing some pains and decided to go to the hospital as a precautionary measure. She told the nurse that she and Paul's dad had attended a party the night before, and she'd eaten too much; she was sure that was all that was going on. The nurse said, "Well, you're going to a party right now." And that party was Paul.

About the Andrew Weiner scandal: she quipped on Facebook that "there was obviously something missing in his life — a brain!!"

Speaking of Facebook, I'm brand new to it. When I sent my very first message, it was to my friend Ann's son; I've known her since she was three and him since babyhood, and I accidentally sent it to everyone. Sound familiar?! It said, "Hi Sweetheart, how soon do you graduate?" So if you hear a report of me having a "sweetheart" on the side, it's Jonathan.

Paul snapped this picture of our abundant rose bush. It's going gangbusters this year. We're so behind, though, on the rest of the yard. We've got six more beds left to plant. Yikes.

Our house and the north side of what we call our driveway garden.

In the Friday, June 10 Des Moines Register there was a little piece on page two of the NCAA Track Extra section titled First Impressions. Cathy and Mike Rotilio, who attended the championships to see their daughter April compete for West Virginia, were asked about what they thought of Des Moines. They said, "It's amazingly clean, everyone is very polite, it's easy to navigate and everyone goes 65 (mph) where it says 65." Hmm, I'd have to say I'm not sure about that last one! I'm hoping they meant polite — and friendly! Paul and I sat right behind them and cheered along with them when April ran, and because they didn't have a video camera, Paul recorded April's race and posted it to YouTube for them.

Saturday night I worked the Polk County Democrats/Obama booth at PrideFest. What a fantastic party! Seriously, if you want to rock out, go next year! I had a blast slapping stickers on everyone and registering people to vote. 

Front: Felicia Williams and Chris Butts.
Back: Kim Boggus, me, Betty Brim-Hunter and Rep. Bruce Hunter.

Sunday night Paul played the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake. Cousin Riley's wife Teri was one of the singers; Paul said she's really talented. He also said that the green room is way cool because the walls are signed by hundreds of entertainers who've played the Surf. The bad news is that Paul literally fell off the stage at the end of the performance! He got pretty banged up, and his trombone had to go to the trombone hospital. And so once again, Paul was the party.

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