Saturday, May 21, 2011

Still here

"Don't wake me for the end of the world unless it has very good special effects." — Roger Zelazny, American fantasy and science fiction writer

THE APPOINTED time for the rapture has come and gone, but I'm still here. How about you?

We heard that it was supposed to happen about 6:00 PM, but Paul said, "Six PM where? Here in the US where the predictor, Family Radio evangelist Howard Camping, lives? Would that be Eastern, Central, Mountain or Pacific time, standard or daylight savings? Or is it Middle Eastern time where the Bible was written? Now that the deadline has past, I guess we're safe. Whew!! 

There are lots more of these clever photos online if you look.

Paul and I put impatiens in the front bed today. We're into what we call extreme flower gardening. Translation: we plant a lot of them. I weed, he plants. We're behind compared to previous years, but we'll catch up I hope. More of it tomorrow. 

There's something truly wonderful about getting good and dirty and then taking a long, soaky (and soapy) bath. Makes a person appreciate what we take for granted all the time — the bliss of being able to get really clean whenever we feel like it — a luxury that millions and millions of people in the world don't have.

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