Saturday, April 30, 2011

Say ahhhhhh

"Sundays, quiet islands on the tossing seas of life." — Rev. Samuel W. Duffield, 19th century American clergyman and author

AT LAST a day to sleep in and take it easy. Ahhhhhh. Paul and I are doing one of our favorite things — enjoying brunch at home while we listen to Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me. We had potatoes, onions, carrots and grilled chicken cooked in the wok in lemon olive oil — a little tip we learned eating at Greek restaurants in Chicago a couple of weeks ago — a fresh fruit plate of sliced apples, peaches and watermelon and fresh-squeezed orange juice to drink.

I've got Shye curled up on my lap with Shiva and Boy Boy perched on the sofa cushions behind our heads

Here's the Shye girl curled up on my lap this very moment.

It's been a hectic couple of weeks. Paul has been playing so often, and we've been busy at work — both good things, but it does wear a body out. 

Domestic bliss reigns.

Sunday Paul had rehearsal with a brass quintet for an Easter performance, followed by rehearsal later that night with the Turner Center Jazz Orchestra for an upcoming concertMonday night he had Big Band at Adventureland Inn. (

Tuesday he was at Drake where he teaches jazz trombone improvisation. Wednesday Paul drove to Oskaloosa for a client meeting. Thursday night he played the Turner Center concert.

Saturday Synergy Jazz Foundation (Paul helped found it) had an all-day jazz jam at Java Joe'sPaul played for as long as he could before driving to Mason City to rehearse for yet another concert this coming Monday night. Sunday he played Easter service at St. Paul's Cathedral in Des Moines.

Monday night was Big Band again. Tuesday he was back teaching at Drake. Wednesday Paul began giving lessons to a new trombone student. Thursday I attended a funeral visitation for Tom Hamilton — a most valued and beloved Rotary member who passed away — and later we both attended a Polk County Democratic Central Committee meeting, came back to the office and worked until 2:00 AM finishing a presentation I gave Friday morning to the midwest chapter of the National Association of Women in Construction

Afterwards I had to get come copy written for a client, but then I was able to go home and crash. Paul unfortunately had to stick it out to the last minute because quarterly taxes were due, and something had gone wrong with the accounting system causing all the bank deposit entries to disappear. Paul had to go back deposit slip by deposit slip and reenter them. He got it done in time, but I don't know how he managed. Of course all of this is in and around normal work at the office. He's a stud muffin — what can I say.

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