Wednesday, March 16, 2011

And now for some useful advice

"I always pass on good advice. It is the only thing to do with it. It is never of any use to oneself." — Oscar Wilde 

1) IF YOU'RE SICK, do not eat 20 raw baby carrots on an empty stomach because you're too tired and sick to find anything else. They will come right back up the same way they went down, and much more unpleasantly. I learned that two years ago.

2) If you're sick, do not drink an entire tumbler of orange juice on an empty stomach even if it is fresh-squeezed by your loving husband and sounds like the best thing in the entire world because you're dehydrated. It too will come right back up the same way it went down, and much less pleasantly. Learned that two days ago.

Physical state: Continuing to mend.

Mental state: Have you ever noticed that when you get really down on yourself, you can suddenly, inexplicably and in stunning detail, recall every stupid thing you've ever said or done since you were three?!?!? In my case, I mean literally from when I was three! 

I spoke to sister-in-law Tina's sister for a second time in two days and — bearing in mind that I'm completely grateful for and aware that they are so, so lucky to have survived Japan's monster earthquake and tsunami — I learned that their situation is more precarious than I knew. How could it not be.

Tina's place of work was sustained enough damage to no longer operate, and my brother David's part-time job at the bookstore is not resuming anytime soon, and of course classes at the University are no longer taking place. The bottom line is that all three jobs are instantly gone. 

I started to have a garden-variety anxiety attack. (I used to get them pretty often for years and years, except I didn't know that's what they were until I married Paul and he explained them to me.) He evidently had his radar on because I heard my laptop bing just about two minutes into it with an email from him containing a JibJab video he made. It made me laugh and cry — laugh because the video is funny and cry because he's so nice that I'm pretty sure I don't deserve him.

Then I called Virginia, and we had a good, long, weepy talk about prudent ways to help David and Tina, and now I feel pretty well fixed. Turkey burgers and tater tots for supper helped, too. (Paul always said that the best part of a 'tater is the tot.)

Here's a link to his video:

PS: Paul helped me put three Bobby Shew tunes on this post. Although I've heard Paul and his band buddies rave about Bobby for years, I never knew what the big deal about him was, until I heard him — and lucky for me, it was up close and in person — and believe me, then I got it.

Recently the Des Moines Big Band ( played a number I'd heard before and always found so beautiful. Afterward I asked Paul who had written it. Ding, ding, ding — Bobby Shew.

When Bobby was here, I quizzed him about which CD of his I should buy that I would enjoy the most and he recommended Cancaos Do AmorAttached are three tunes from it. As John Hodgman says, "You're welcome."

The great Bobby Shew.
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