Monday, March 7, 2011

Paul convinces me to write a blog

"I remember things better with you." — Dory, Finding Nemo

PAUL, my multi-talented husband and internet guru, has made me a blog. He's been urging me for years to write one. We're calling it Hey Look, Something Shiny because Paul says I remind him of Dory the fish, voiced by Ellen DeGeneres in Finding Nemo, who is easily distracted because she suffers from short term memory loss. No STML that I know of, but I am easily distracted by anything shiny.

If you haven't rented that particular movie, by the way, you're missing a bet. We liked it so much we bought a copy so that we can watch it whenever we want cheering. Longtime friend, Harold Mintz  who now writes movies in Hollywood so you'd think he would have seen everythinghad never watched Finding Nemo until we loaned it to him. He immediately went out and bought a copy of his own.

And that little digression is a perfect example of why we're calling it Hey Look, Something Shiny: because I have the attention span of a gnat, and I'm pretty much interested in everything. That means I have lots of thoughts about lots of things, and not being a Rhodes scholar hasn't seemed to have kept me from having opinions. 

Hey, it works for Sarah Palin. I don't mean the blog, although I'm guessing she has one — I mean the not-being-a-Rhodes-scholar thing. 

Vote for me!

That's me dressed up as Miss Wasilla herself for Halloween. Not that I'm aspiring to be her! No, no, no! If I were aspiring, I'd aspire to be say Madeleine AlbrightBarbara Kingsolver or Steffi Graf. Oops, there I was being shiny again.

I'm sure there will be lots of cute kitty pictures included along the way. Since we have three cats, besides having an overabundance of fur, we've got loads of pictures. 


There's ShyeHer chief talent is weapons-grade adorableness. Shye was adopted from the Animal Rescue League, and as a result of having been feral, lives up to her name. We call her our Luxury Model, because she's so glamorous, luxurious, perfectly groomed and dainty, but ironically she's the fiercest hunter of the bunch probably from having had to fend for herself before she came home with us.


Then there's ShivaShe's our Sporty Girl who's signature characteristic is playfulness. We've taught her to play catch with a little ball, or at least the Shiva version of it. We throw the ball up the second floor steps, and she runs up after it and bats it back down for us to throw back upstairs. Shiva feels responsible for everything going on around her and follows us everywhere we go to "help" with whatever we're doing. She was also adopted from the ARL, although we can't imagine why anyone would have given her up.

Here's how we met Boy Boy

                                                                                                                                    Last but certainly not least (he's gigantic) is Boy BoyHis most notable characteristic is goofy cuteness. Boy Boy was a feral kitten who we live-trapped to save him from having a short, brutal life. Here's a picture of a very disgusted little kitten (he fit in the palm of Paul's hand) the day we caught him. Now he weighs 23 pounds and thinks our bed is the nest and his place in it is next to me. It's like sleeping with a toddler.

So, those are the kittens, and you know me. Most of you know Paul, but if you don't, you will.

As Tracey Ulman says when she's doing her Arianna Huffington impression: blogs and kisses. We'll see how I do at this!
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  1. Hmmm, my previous comment went missing. Sloppiness perhaps in my hurry to go back and read another. Paul was indeed right - you're a terrific blogger. I'm so glad you cross post now.